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    Writing Music for Clive Barker: Mark Zavon | Guitarist |Composer

    For more information or to connect with Mark find him on Facebook: Mark Zavon For more information on NAMM Show visit: www.NAMM.Org This is Noland at, and I’ve got Mark Zavon here. We’re wandering around here at NAMM, and I wanted to ask him a couple of questions. Mark, tell us a little […]

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    NAMM Apogee | Ensemble

    For more information on Apogee visit their website: www.Apogeedigital.Com For more information on NAMM Show visit their website: www.NAMM.Org Shaun: Really incredible all-in-one interface for musicians, composers post work. We’re really proud of it. The reviews have been stellar. What’s the #1 thing that you hear feedback wise in those reviews that you’re hearing? […]

    NAMM Avid | Pro Tools First is Free

    Tom: We’re now giving away – that’s right, it’s free – a version of Pro Tools that’s 16 audio track, 16 MIDI tracks And we just lost our cameraman. You said free? This is Noland at We’re here at the Avid booth, and we’ve got Tom, and Tom’s going to bring us up […]


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