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Corning | Optical Cable and USB 3 Optical Cable Will it Break if I Do This?

Corning shows us their optical cables as they pinch it, crimp it, twist it and extend it over 60 meters. They also show us their USB 3 Optical cable extending up to 50 meters as well as how to display 4k up to 60 meters from your Mac Pro.

Avid | Avid Everywhere, Media Composer First, ISIS 1000, DNX I/O Hardware

Avid talks with us about Avid Everywhere, their free Media Composer First program, ISIS 1000 which is their shared storage for teams up to 24 people as well as their new DNX I/O hardware designed to take you past HD.

Sony | BVMX 300 | Master Monitor

Sony shows us their new 4K OLED master reference monitor with high dynamic range, more vivid image and several other features that make this a “go-to” monitor.

tvONE | CORIOmaster

tvONE shows off their CORIOmaster which is a video wall processor as well as a switcher, scaler and a signal format converter all in one processor. He shows how It can control the anchor desk, the video wall behind the anchor desk, adjacent LED walls and so forth.

Dolby | Dolby Vision Television, Cinema and Creative Workflow

Dolby shows us the first Dolby Vision television announced and what's happening with Vizio, Vudu, Warner and streaming Dolby Vision into your home. They also address bringing the cinema experience to 100 AMC theaters. They round off with a tour of the Dolby Vision creation workflow.

Zeevee | HD Distributions and the Zyper

ZeeVee shows us how you can take any source and send them to many Tvs with their HD Distributions solution as well as how to move 4K video from one point to another at extreme speeds with their Zyper product.

EditShare | Shared Storage and Collaborative Workflow

EditShare talks with us about how they help with shared storage and collaborative workflow. They show us their product called Flow as well as explain how they are different from others offering similar solutions.

Signiant | Media Shuttle | Could This Speed Up Your File Transfers?

Ian from Signiant shows us how they help move large video files quickly over networks. Into, through and out of post production to the screen.

Blackmagic Design | Blackmagic URSA Mini

Blackmagic Design goes over the features of their URSA Mini and talk about the differences between it and URSA.

Blackmagic Design | Ursa 4.6 with Viewfinder

Blackmagic Design shows us the Ursa 4.6 with their new viewfinder attached. They go over some of the new functionality and also talk about the upgrade process

HDgenius,New Arrival HD383 HDbitT HDMI Network Extender Signal up to 120m

This video introduce HDgenius' new product HD383 HDbitT HDMI Network Extender Signal up to 120m and on how to use it.

Blackmagic Design | Ultra HD Products

Blackmagic walks us through their Ultra HD products which all have a 12G SDI connection enabling 2160 which is Ultra HD at 60. Capture and playback, converters,disk recorders, routers and switchers.

Blackmagic Design | Micro Studio Camera 4K

Blackmagic Design shows us around their Micro Studio Camera 4K a non-intrusive, live studio camera which can be remote controlled via SDI. HD up to 4K, MFT lens mount and B4 lens control output plus a ton of other features like 6G-SDI, built in color corrector, talkback, tally, PTZ control...

Hitachi | Solutions Addressing the Entire Post Production Workflow

Hitachi Data Systems shows how they address the entire workflow with a combination of infrastructure and a large partner ecosystem. Hear how their products accelerate components of composition, lighting, editing, VFX, etc... and how they can help you win on quality through increased iterations.

Adder | Infinity | High Performance KVM over Dedicated IP Solution

Adder walks us through their Infinity line, a high-performance KVM over dedicated IP solution showing how It allows you to become very flexible in your post-production environment by centralizing all your editing systems so you’re not stuck having to use one editing bay for a particular system.

G-Technology | Evolution Series Ecosystem Expansion and High Capacity Storage

Greg of G-Technology shows us new products that expand their Evolution Series ecosystem including the G-Drive ev 220, RaW and ATC. Shown also is the ev Series FireWire adapter and what’s new with the G-Speed Studio XL and how you can plug your modules directly in and be on your way.

Blackmagic Design | Davinci Resolve 12 | Top 3 Biggest Changes

Nab Show 2015 Blackmagic Design unveils their newly updated Davinci Resolve 12 and the new features that take it from color correction software to a full finishing tool. Kendall Eckman goes into the top 3 biggest changes including the full blown editor, multi-cam and a 3D tracker perspective.

Sony | Catalyst Edit and Catalyst Prepare

Sony talks about how their new Creative Software products help prepare for the post production session with ingestation, organization, preliminary editing, trimming and color correction and how that speeds up working with RAW, 4K and high-end formats in their NLE product.

Blackmagic Design | Micro Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design walks us through the new compact Micro Cinema Camera. Who was it designed for, how it can be used, special features and how it’s different.

AJA | FiDO-4T, FiDO-4R, FiDO-2T, CWDM, FS1X, FS2 and HA5-4K

AJA talks about how their fiber technology helps with 4K workflows and people needing longer cable runs. They explain how FiDO-4T, FiDO-4R, FiDO-2T, CWDM, FS1X and FS2 fit in. They also talk about HA5-4K, their new product that along with their Hi5-4K completes the 4K HDMI to SDI loop.

NAB 2015 | Emerson/Avocent | HMX 6000 High Performance KVM Successor to the HMX

NAB 2015 Emerson/Avocent announced the release of their new HMX 6000 High Performance KVM and they talk about how this new product picks up where the HMX left off and why this product is better than ever and how it really helps in post production.

NAB 2015 | Blackmagic Camera Breakdown

Blackmagic made a ton of camera announcements at NAB and we shot a quick overview with them explaining the differences between the- Blackmagic URSA 4.6K, Blackmagic URSA Mini, Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera models.

Audionamix | TRAX: Extract Vocals and Instruments from a full mixed song

We talk with Audionamix about their product called TRAX which allows you to extract vocals and instruments from a full mixed song in a fraction of the time to do it manually. Find out how Barry Manilow used it on a recent album.

Fryette Amps | Valvulator GP/DI

We sit in on Fryette's demo booth at the NAMM Show and check out their Valvulator GP/DI which has been designed to allow you to transport your signature tone anywhere in a compact package that fits in a gig-bag or overhead.

MOTU | Post Production: Digital Performer, AVB Networking

Dave from MOTU talks about how Digital Performer takes you through all facets of production (pre/production/post production) all the way from composition through mixing and all the way to mastering. He also talks about a new technology called AVB networking designed for distributed audio networks.

NAMM Apogee | Ensemble

Apogee talks about Ensemble and how it helps the pro user who is a musician, composer or in post production.

NAMM Avid | Pro Tools First is Free

Tom from Avid explains the Pro Tools First free program as well as their new marketplace feature.

Fairlight | 3D Audio Workspace Solution

We catch up with Emilio from Fairlight and he tells us about how their surround panning tool can save time and money. Mix once, pan once, output to multiple formats

ProSoundEffects | Large Robust Library of Sound

At Game Sound Con we connect with Jeremy of ProSoundEffects and he talks about their large robust library of sound, how they license on a custom basis, their metadata and what this means to game developers and producers from the freelancer working out of their bedroom to the well-established studio.

Mix in Immersive Sound | New from Fairlight

We connect with Fairlight at AES and they bring us up to speed with how you can mix in immersive sound with their product

Getting into Green Screen or Seasoned Pro | PRO CYC and Ultimatte Review

Are you getting into green screen or a seasoned pro? We catch up with ultimatte and PRO CYC at SMPTE 2014 to find out their respective #1 tips on how to use green screen for your next video.

PostBox Systems Rogue Pro : Mobile Studio Designed For Production and Post Professionals

PostBox Systems gives us a look under the hood (literally) of their new RoguePro which is a mobile studio that brings the power of the post-house to any location. G-Technology also shows us how their G-DOCK ev and their G-Speed Studio XL work with it as well.

AES 2014 | Review of Antelope Audio’s Zen Studio, Satori and Pure 2

We catch up with Marcel of Antelope Audio at AES and he gives us a look at Zen Studio, Satori and Pure 2 and how this can be used to recored studio quality performances out live in the field without having to carry a ton of crates...

Izotope RX4 Review

PostProduction.Com and Brian San Marco team up and review Izotope RX4. Brian walks through how this software easily and quickly removes pops, hisses, hums, etc... from your audio tracks! He also shows some of the new features added to this version of RX

Ultra Portable Dailies Solution P.O.D Post On Demand

Chris Parker of www.BlingDigital.Com shows us their ultra portable dailies solution and how it allows you to get what you would expect from a traditional post house anywhere in the world.

Cine Gear 2014| Review of EVO Prodigy and Ensemble Designs Media Router

Nick reviews EVO Prodigy, a cool workflow tool for post production supervisors and editors to manage bins and share their projects. He also gives us a look at Ensemble Designs media router and how it packs $14,000 worth of gear into a $5,000 box.

Flanders Reviews the CM250 Production | Post Production Monitor

Bram of www.FlandersScientific.Com and shows us how the CM 250 makes production and post production that much easier!

MXL Mics | Microphones for iPhone, Android and GoPro

Can you get professional sounding audio out of your iPhone, Android or GoPro device? Perry with www.MxlMics.Com shows us how with their microphones designed specifically for these platforms!

Atomos reviews Shogun, Samurai and Ninja

Jeremy from Atomos walks us through and shows us how Shogun, Samurai and Ninja can save time and money on set through to post production. Record 4K & RAW, High End HD, Full HD Director's Monitor, 4K made affordable. www.Atomos.Com

Manios: PAG Camera Batteries extend your cameras runtime

Ever worried about how much juice is in your camera battery? Steven of www.ManiosDigital.Com shows us a super cool way to never run out of juice wherever your production takes you.

Marshall Electronics | 4K Display Monitor Review

Bernie of Marshall Electronics walks us through their new 4K Display Monitor the V-4K.

What’s New with GoPro: Black Edition, Pro Tune

We connect with Jim of GoPro and he brings us up to date on what's new with GoPro as well as how this relates to post production.

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