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Adder | Infinity | High Performance KVM over Dedicated IP Solution

Adder walks us through their Infinity line, a high-performance KVM over dedicated IP solution showing how It allows you to become very flexible in your post-production environment by centralizing all your editing systems so you’re not stuck having to use one editing bay for a particular system.

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PostProduction.Com: This is Noland with PostProduction.Com and we’re here at the JB&A Event, the Pre-NAB Event 2015 and we're here with Adder with Conn and Conn is going to show us what they’re showing at the event here. Conn, what are you guys showing at the event today?

Adder Technology: We manufacture KVM Solutions so we're highlighting our full line of KVM switches and extension technologies, particularly focused on Infinity line which is a high-performance KVM over dedicated IP solution. It allows you to become very flexible in your post-production environment, turning any editing bay connected to any editing system, so you're not stuck in having to use one editing bay for a particular system. A lot of flexibility, support high-resolution output and real-time videos. So, full motion video across the line. Comes in dual-head and single-head options, either copper or fiber.

PostProduction.Com: So, Conn, let's say I am an owner of maybe a smaller post house, I have 5 edit bays. What's this gonna do for me?

Adder Technology: It's really gonna give you the ability to centralize all of your editing systems, whether in a controlled, cooled environment, allowing them to be managed much easier in a single location but give your editor still that flexibility of being able to use any of them from any of the editing bays they have.

PostProduction.Com: Cool. Awesome. I suppose that it saves them a lot of time and money and things like that.

Adder Technology: Absolutely, yeah. Definitely. Time is always an issue. Time is money in the post-production world. This definitely save a lot of time within the workflow, your production workflow.

PostProduction.Com: When people want to find out more information about what you're showing here and find out price points, version models, all that stuff, where should we send them?

Adder Technology: Just come right to our website. It's Adder, A-D-D-E-R dot com.

PostProduction.Com: Cool. Well, Conn, thanks so much for your time. We really appreciate it and enjoy the rest of the show!

Adder Technology: Thank you.

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