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Audionamix | TRAX: Extract Vocals and Instruments from a full mixed song

We talk with Audionamix about their product called TRAX which allows you to extract vocals and instruments from a full mixed song in a fraction of the time to do it manually. Find out how Barry Manilow used it on a recent album.

For more information about Audionamix, check out their website: www.Audionamix.Com

PostProduction.Com: This is Noland from and I'm here with Steve and he's with Audionamix, we're checking out stuff that is really cool. Tell us a little bit more about what you have going on and how this helps out with the post production community.

Audionamix: We have a program called ADX TRAX and what it does is it can extract a vocal from any song, mono or stereo. It can also work on instruments, melodic instruments like a saxophone solo, guitar solo. Basically it cuts the work flow for extracting a vocal from a full mix. It just makes it very fast.

PostProduction.Com: so you're like, saving a ton of time.

Audionamix: I mean weeks or days or months

PostProduction.Com: weeks days or months, so how much a week, day or month is worth to your budget…tell us an example of how it does that.

Audionamix: if you had a need for an acapella of a track and you did not have the vocals stem available to you and you want to make a remix… we’ve done some work recently for Barry Manillow, he did a whole album of duets where he did not have the vocal stem from these artists like Whitney Houston, Louie Armstrong. We were able to go into the master track, pull out that vocal and he used it, sang along with it. He's got a whole album coming out at the end of October.

PostProduction.Com: and he is using the tracks you extracted from that?

Audionamix: Yes he is.

PostProduction.Com: In the album?…I can see easily weeks if not months being saved.

Audionamix: yeah if you do that manually as some of you may probably know it takes quite a long time.

PostProduction.Com: and I'm assuming since you're already using it. This is out on the market available now?

Audionamix: it is yes, you can go to and you can subscribe. Months to months for 19.99 we also have a purchase option available for you, and we'll have a Pro version of TRAX coming out in the next couple of months which offer spectral editing which we also use internally right now so you get the best possible results that's gonna be available to consumers in the next couple of months.

PostProduction.Com: so the version you have right now is which version?

Audionamix: It's just called TRAX, we call it TRAX Basic

PostProduction.Com: so this is your flagship product then?

Audionamix: Yes it is

PostProduction.Com: so it starts of with TRAX and once the pro version will be available, if they're already a member with the TRAX program is it like an upgrade version or do they pay extra money to have the pro version or how does that work?

Audionamix: actually if you're subscribed to TRAX right now you can join the Beta Team for free and sign up for that, but there will be a discount available to people who are already subscribers or who have purchased TRAX before.

PostProduction.Com: So let's do this, we're gonna put it out there to all of you who want to try out this product and maybe you've got a situation right now where maybe you need to extract some dialogue audio, whatever you wanna do just break that track down whether they may need to extract they can do a trial version you said. What's the website they go to again?

Audionamix: The website is Audionamix.Com

PostProduction.Com: they can try that out for free and decide if they wanna upgrade or go from there

Audionamix: That's right

PostProduction.Com: Or they can just buy it, try it because it seems pretty affordable.

Audionamix: I mean $20… I think they could do it.

PostProduction.Com: Thanks a lot for your time, I really appreciate that, and check it out, it sounds pretty cool thing to me.

Audionamix: It's great, it's worth it, go get it.

PostProduction.Com: Thanks for your time I really appreciate it.

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