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Blackmagic Design | Davinci Resolve 12 | Top 3 Biggest Changes

Nab Show 2015 Blackmagic Design unveils their newly updated Davinci Resolve 12 and the new features that take it from color correction software to a full finishing tool. Kendall Eckman goes into the top 3 biggest changes including the full blown editor, multi-cam and a 3D tracker perspective.

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PostProduction.Com: This is Noland of PostProduction.Com. We're here at NAB 2015. We just finished up with the Blackmagic Design Press Conference. This whole place is like standing room only. It's awesome. So, Kendall, tell us a little about... I know you made some announcements about some really huge updates to DaVinci Resolve 12 and there's like a ton of stuff happening. What's like the burning points, the super cool things that happened in this?

Kendall: One of the biggest thing that people wanted last year with 11-- we announced 11 last year -- and of course, 12 is out this year. It's a huge update: the Editing. So the Editing was a big part of it last year but now we've really come full circle. It's a full-blown Editor and we actually added in multi-cam.

So you have multi-cam we've made up to 16 cameras in here. Really nice, really slick. You can go through and do all your settings, and of course, all the trim modes that are in here. I actually had the chance to talk to some editors already this morning and we did a little preview last night. A number of the editors were blown away at how well this is laid out and how slick it is. Some of the other enhancements -- there was over 80 new features that were put into...

PostProduction.Com: ...and we're gonna go through them one by one.

Kendall: We will not be doing that.

PostProduction.Com: We will conclude this by Thursday.

Kendall: Of course, it will be on www.BlackmagicDesign.Com. You can get everything there. Probably with little videos and little trinkets so you can go through them and learn more about it.

There are some real nice enhancements to the UI, again they updated that. They didn't let any detail go by because they know colorists are sitting in a very dark room so they went through and made the lighting perfect for that environment so it's nice on the eye, things like that.

The other cool thing that's in here, and I let people jump in and look at it, like I said on the website, but there's a 3D tracker perspective that's in here. Amazing stuff. If you have shots that run 3D background or you have someone that had a pan in their shot, shot something else on the green screen, you can pull that in, you can mask it, you can pull it in and will actually track to the shot. It's incredible what they've done. Very high. And of course, the color correction here is already known for all the motion pictures at this time, but now you throw the editing and you have a full finishing tool.

PostProduction.Com: So what would you say is the Top Three -- it sounds like you already covered maybe two. What would seem to be Top Three biggest changes that happened in this version?

Kendall: I would say the next one besides those two would be the audio adjustment. So you can do audio adjustment, you can also go through the VST plug-ins. I mean they really, really enhanced the audio on here now.

PostProduction.Com: Is there maybe one or two things that this version addressed that people were asking for from the last version?

Kendall: Yeah, multi-cam was the number one. Yeah, it was the big one that we got, yeah. So many talking about, so many people talking about. And of course, just pulling in the editing and just enhancements. Like I said, there's 80 features. I could go through each one but...

PostProduction.Com: And I know if I'm not mistaken that's kind of the way you guys do it. You release your version, you get that customer feedback and then you take a look at what can we do to make it better, faster, easier for them. So, for DaVinci 12, this release here, more information in very, very detail at and I know we'll be posting a lot of stuff on our website,

Kendall, thank you so much for your time and I know you're gonna introduce us to a bunch of other stuff so, we'll hop over to one of those other goods. Cool. Thanks!

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