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Blackmagic Design | Ultra HD Products

Blackmagic walks us through their Ultra HD products which all have a 12G SDI connection enabling 2160 which is Ultra HD at 60. Capture and playback, converters,disk recorders, routers and switchers.

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PostProduction.Com: This is Noland with PostProduction.Com. We're here at the Blackmagic Design booth. The thing I love about Blackmagic. They got all the stuff in big letters here. We're going to talk about the new Ultra HD products. Those are all the prices. But fortunately, as I've said before, we have somebody better looking, more popular than I am, Kendall and he's going to give us the skinny on this thing.

So, what's the big news about this thing that makes this thing stand out this year?

Kendall Eckman: We have a number of products here that are rack mounted. The big thing about all these products is they have the 12G SDI connection on the back.What that does is it enable you to get up in 2160 which is the Ultra HD at 60p, the higher frame rates.

If you take this product for example, this is our Ultra Studio 4K Extreme, you can do all your in and outs. If I were to turn this around, you would see it has XLR, SDI connections, HDMI, Thunderbolt. Pretty much anything and everything you would want as a breakout to go to capture or playout. You get that on this with that 12 gig connection. This product actually has an H.265 encoder built into it also now, so that's a nice feature that's been added in there.

As we move down the chain here we have our new Teranex minis. If you think of our old converters, these actually are in that converter family but they will get you up into the 12G and you see it says right here 12G-SDI. You can do your conversions whether it's audio to optical, they do have optical on these or they have SDIs. If you need to go to HDMI to SDI, but again, if you're Ultra HD at 60 frames a second, then that's covered.

The reason for that is a lot of the broadcasters are already broadcasting HD at 60 frames a second but they want to move up into Ultra HD but still have that 60 frames a second, 60p. 12G will enable you to do that.

We move down. We have the ATEM 2 M/E Switcher. Again, this is our traditional switcher with the 20 inputs and get up the Ultra HD on that one. We have a talkback for that.

We have our HyperDeck. Now, this is nice because have wanted to go. We have a HyperDeck Studio Pro, you could do a 4K with only a 30. This one here we get to get up to 60p. On that one too. Now we have our Smarthub. These are routers, we have a 40x40. You have a nice LCD screen here 12G connection at the back of that.

This is a brand new product for us here, the Video Hub Clean Switch 12x12. You think of a switcher, you think of a router, a lot of people like to do switching on their router, this enables you to do that. It's a nice clean switch so you can go and just punch these in and do a switch.

PostProduction.Com: Just like a swouter...

Kendall: Yeah. [laughs] Exactly.

PostProduction.Com: They left a couple of boxes open here. Next year you get the swouter. [laughs] Awesome. Is this all available now, or when?

Kendall: Most of these products that are in this will be available in May.

PostProduction.Com: Awesome. Kendall, thanks so much for your time and I know that people can get more information at, and we'll be posting a lot of these on PostProduction.Com too. In fact you found that it's because you're watching this. [laughs] Very good. Kendall, thanks so much for your time. Appreciate it.

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