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EditShare | Shared Storage and Collaborative Workflow

EditShare talks with us about how they help with shared storage and collaborative workflow. They show us their product called Flow as well as explain how they are different from others offering similar solutions.

For more detailed info visit: EditShare.Com

PostProduction.Com: This is Noland with PostProduction.Com. We are here at the EditShare booth at NAB 2015. Bright eyed bushy-tailed here, we have Kenny. It was a late night and an early morning.

Kenny, how do you make life faster, easier, better for the post-production or even production world out there?

Kenny Martin: One of the things that's happened in the years is the switching from direct connected storage to shared storage. EditShare is a shared storage vendor. We have created what we call a collaborative workflow. The collaborative workflow allows you to basically work together on any different system you want. We support everything from your Premiere and AVID and Final Cut and everything. But the unique thing about EditShare is that we allow you to do all those stuff.

Storage is one thing, but you want to have asset management sitting on top, integrated archive and component. Everything's now file-based so you no longer have tapes sitting on the shelf. Now everything comes in file-based, you have to have a place to put it. EditShare is unique in that we offer complete collaborative workflow, turnkey solution and we do it in one package.

PostProduction.Com: Cool. Let me ask you this real quick. When Nelson Mandela died a couple of years ago, I think, right? Whenever that was exactly, people scrambled to pull up their tapes, because you'll never know when a celebrity or a figurehead or whatnot is gonna pass away.

But there's a ton of stuff there, and you need to pull out now. Maybe that you have it on deep archive, it maybe kind of like closer or whatnot, but, in your situation, let's say I needed to pull that information up quick, how would EditShare help me in that situation?

Kenny: It’s a great question, actually. We have an application called Flow. Within Flow is many different components. Actually if you look on the screen here, you'll see we have an application called Flow Browse.

Flow Browse allows me to actually search and find footage. I can just do a simple search and I could type in Nelson Mandela and actually pull up that clip and now that clip is available. I can take that clip and actually drag it here, directly into my editor.

The nice thing about Flow is Flow generates proxies, so the proxies your low-res files that live on your system and they always tell me what's on my system and as well as what was on my system.

So, I might be searching for it, I could pull the clip up and find it right away, and now I could say, if it's an archive, where's it at? Is it in tape archive, is it locally? So, Flow ask me to get that asset and I can bring it right back into my editor. That quickly.

PostProduction.Com: Wow. Cool. So now, what's the biggest differentiation between you and say the competition?

Kenny: Most vendors require third-party asset management, cloud-based solutions, whereas we offer complete turnkey system. When you buy in us your system, you'd get your asset management, you'd get your integrated archive. You'll also get your cloud-based solution with airflow, and you get it in one nice tightly integrated package.

The difference is, when you buy from other vendors, other solutions, you buy the storage, and now you have to manage all these different layers. So your archive might come from a different company. Your asset management comes from a different company. In this day and age, with limited budgets, you don't have people to manage all these different layers. That's one of the cost benefits of EditShare. Buying a turnkey system supportive I1 company with tightly integrated collaborative workflow.

PostProduction.Com: You might be in a position where you thought you had everything but you didn't and with EditShare, everything's all in one package.

Kenny: You have such an explosion of content going on. So you might have a system that might have hundreds of thousands of files, and now you need something to manage those resources and you need a place to put it.

Everybody has the same needs, whether you're an independent producer or you're a large corporation, everybody has the same needs. Where do you put it? How do you store? How do I get to it? How do I monetize that? With EditShare, with our solution, we checked the boxes off in every department. That's one of the reasons why people go at our solution.

We actually make storage solutions for everybody. We have a small fields unit. All we have, to EFS, multiple petabytes solution. So we can cater everybody's needs. The nice thing is the value proposition is we include everything with every system.

So, whether you buy a small system, you're just a one, two-man band, or you're a large company. We offer our software in every single storage product that we sell.

PostProduction.Com: Interesting. You may not be at liberty to answer this question but I'm curious. Who's using EditShare out there?

Kenny: You're taking higher education. You're talking news. Basically anybody who creates content. It could be a film studio, anyone who creates content. Higher education, universities. It could be any...State government, local government, military. If you create content, you have to have a place to put it, and that's what we do.

PostProduction.Com: Wow. Awesome. Cool. Price points and availability, are there any price points or is that best left to send everybody to go online, or...?

Kenny: Every system is custom configured and that's because you have to deal in terms of like how many streams we need to support, capacity and stuff. We have solutions that start as low as $10,000 and go all the way up.

Based upon your need and what you're looking for. We're a very cost effective solution. Are we the cheapest? Are we the most expensive? We're probably somewhere in the middle but we have tremendous value that we offer.

PostProduction.Com: That's very nicely put. In fact, I'm going to coin that phrase and register it and take it from you. I'll give you credit once. After one time, it's mine. [5:01]

Kenny: Perfect. OK.

PostProduction.Com: Awesome. Cool. This is all available now, is that right?

Kenny: Everything shipping now. We push the boundaries as far as products and services and stuff. But everything you see is all shipping now.

PostProduction.Com: Cool. Hey, Kenny, thanks so much for your time. Really, really appreciate it.

Kenny: Appreciate it.

PostProduction.Com: Really looks good. Thanks, man.

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