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MOTU | Post Production: Digital Performer, AVB Networking

Dave from MOTU talks about how Digital Performer takes you through all facets of production (pre/production/post production) all the way from composition through mixing and all the way to mastering. He also talks about a new technology called AVB networking designed for distributed audio networks.

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This interview was conducted at the NAMM Show 2015

PostProduction.Com: Hey! This is Noland with I'm here with Dave. We're at the MOTU Booth here at NAMM 2015. Dave, what are you guys showing here? [0:20]

Dave MOTU: Noland, welcome to the MOTU Booth. We're here showing our new AVB audio interface line. We're also getting a sneak peek of Digital Performer Version 9 which is the latest update for our flagship audio-MIDI sequencing software.

PostProduction.Com: How is this release going to affect anybody who deals with post-production? How is this gonna help them? [0:39]

MOTU: Digital Performer, as I mentioned is integrated audio and MIDI. I think for post-production people, audio is the side that they're really interested in. It's a very powerful program. It's used both for pre-production and post-production. Very powerful video synchronization capabilities. Really easy to use in terms of spotting your audio in. Very powerful plug-ins. Excellent for mastering, if that's what you're gonna do.

So Digital Performer can really take you through the entire process from composition through post-production through mixing and all the way to mastering if you like. We continue to just enhance the capabilities of this software.

PostProduction.Com: Is this faster and better than the old version or is there some new thing that you added into it? [1:21]

MOTU: There's a lot of new features in DP9 but I think one of the things that will really stand out for post-production people is one of the new plug-ins that we've added in, is our Physics Model which is a really, really cool process that we use for modelling analog hardware and we've modeled the famous 1176 compressor and we now have our software version of the 1176. And tools like that are extremely powerful for post-production people.

We've already done the software model of the LA-2A Optical Compressor and now one of the features of DP 9 is the 1176. There's other workflow enhancements such as if you're working with automation. Automation could be broken out into separate lanes. We have a way -- and I think this could be very cool for post-production people -- of looking at an audio waveform and seeing not just the waveform displayed as amplitude but also displayed as the spectrogram and that shows you frequency as well as amplitude over time.So if you need to know, okay, if I got a lot of base, if I got a lot of treble in this signal, now you can actually see that in the waveform.

Anytime we have major upgrade, it's a long list of new features but looking for a couple of really punchy points for the post-production people, I would say that they are going to be pretty powerful.

PostProduction.Com: Now, who, you may not be at liberty to say this, but who's using this right now? [2:39]

MOTU: James Sizemore is gonna be coming up and doing a demonstration in a little while. He works for the composer Howard Shore and he's getting an incredible demonstration about how the music for The Hobbit was created inside Digital Performer. So all the way through right up the scoring stage where they got the live orchestra, Digital Performer is in there, being used as the key tool for that.

Maybe you'll catch an interview with James once he gets here and does his demonstration.

PostProduction.Com: Dave, where can we find out more information about what we just talked about here? Where do you want us to send people? [3:15]

MOTU: Come on up to and I also want to mention that besides Digital Performer software, our new line of AVB audio interfaces. We're talking top quality, Sabre 32 A to D and D to A converters. We're also talking about a new technology called AVB Networking and this allows us to run hundreds of meters of cable between interfaces to set up a distributed audio network.

So for large format installations, this is a one millisecond latency from point to point, mixing built-in, effects processing capabilities built-in, so both software and hardware. Come on up to the MOTU website,, you'll find technical information. You'll find product demonstration videos. We’d just like you to come up and take a look at our products.

PostProduction.Com: Let me ask you this real quick, Dave. What's the feedback you'd been getting from people using this product? 4:06

MOTU:Well, the AVB system has been out since last July and I think we've really hit a home run with it. The timing is right in terms of where the technology is. We have seven new models of interfaces. We have Maddy, ASCBU, optical S/PDIF Digital Support, line-level connections, microphone connections, INP instruments connections, so there's a lot of stuff going on and these interfaces are really just exploding because of such a wide-range of uses and applications.

PostProduction.Com: Dave, thanks a lot for your time. We really appreciate it. [4:40]

MOTU: Noland, thank you for coming by.

PostProduction.Com:Yup! You got it. Enjoy the show. [4:43]

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