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NAB 2015 | Emerson/Avocent | HMX 6000 High Performance KVM Successor to the HMX

NAB 2015 Emerson/Avocent announced the release of their new HMX 6000 High Performance KVM and they talk about how this new product picks up where the HMX left off and why this product is better than ever and how it really helps in post production.

For more information visit: www.EmersonNetworkPower.Com

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PostProduction.Com: This is Noland of PostProduction.Com and we're here at NAB 2015 and we're at the Emerson booth. George, what's your middle name? [00:21]

George Morgan: Nolan, named after Uncle Georgie, George Nolan.

PostProduction.Com: This is like one of the few living people I've ever met with the name Nolan. Now mine does have a D and his has an N-O-L-A-N, but I'll take it, man. That's as close as it gets, man. [00:34]

George: There you go. We're long lost twins maybe.

PostProduction.Com: Brothers from another mother, sort of, perhaps? [00:38]

George: Something like that, absolutely.

PostProduction.Com: Alright. Now those of you who watched the deluxe video will get that.

Anyways, I digress. Now, you got a lot of exciting things happening in the post-production world. I know you guys actually relocated your booth down to more of the south-lower post production area. You're just immersed in it. There's a lot of buzz going on with what's happening with your product here.

George: Yeah.

PostProduction.Com: But I won't steal your thunder. You can describe it way better than I can. What's happening over here, George? [01:03]

George: Well the first key thing that's happening that we want everyone to recognized is that we're part of the Emerson family.

So when you're looking out there for Avocent -- everything, branded Avocent, we're part of the Emerson umbrella for the last six years now. Liebert's one of our business entities, so a lot of folks are familiar with Liebert's Power, Cooling, etc.

But what we're sizzling about right now is the follow-up to our HMX product which was the first high-performance KVM product on the market launched about seven years ago. Hugely successful in broadcast environments that now distance was no longer an issue, became a network, now we have a follow-up.

So just when the HMX might be getting long in the tooth, we launched the HMX 6000 during this show, and it picks up where the limitations of HMX had us kind of flat footed for a moment, and now, higher resolutions, eliminating fans...

PostProduction.Com: Are those the long in the tooth things that this new update is eliminating? [01:58]

George: Yeah and we learned that lesson through post. Post really helped us to carve out the new product line. So we'd really cut our teeth in post, but having single-head, dual-head, 1920 x 1200 1080p resolutions for all these years really got us into the post market.

Now, we're driving that further because post just said, "Hey, we have higher resolutions to meet." And we're listening to that. So we eliminated fans, for instance, in the receivers. We went to 2560. We can do dual-head dual-link resolutions. So, we're keeping our ear at the ground and we're producing products that the market's asking for.

PostProduction.Com: Let me ask you this, George. It's a little bit off topic but do you have a channel available through whatever website or what not, where people have some feedback, things that they like to see, suggestion box, "If I may", something like that. [02:54]

George: Absolutely. You can go, or Find us there. But we have presence in almost every market in the country via our local business partners. We're a part of Data Center Solutions family in Emerson so with that, we have physical presence in almost every market in the country. So we have folks that would come to your door and can be present and understand what your needs are, and it doesn't end with just your KVM requirements, this will go into rack PDUs, power, UPS’s it's all the things that keep your environment up and running, racks, etc. And that's what the power of Emerson brings to the post market.

PostProduction.Com: Interesting. Now, I think you said there was another thing that you want to touch on as well, is that right? [03:44]

George: The core was here. We came out with a handful of lines of extenders, so your point-to-point extension. Again, maybe 50 meters for a much lower price point. So where switching is not required, we also have a full line of extension products. We have a KVM multi-viewer which is more of a control room product but for the post environment, the HMX 6000 is the thing is that everyone is going to warm up to very quickly because again, it's not new. They are familiar with HMX over the last seven years and they've applauded the HMX 6000 for its new features and functionality.

PostProduction.Com: Is that already shipping or is that forthcoming? [4:23]

George: We're gonna ship that out six weeks. So, we're pretty excited about that.

PostProduction.Com: And you're not sure if there's like different price levels or things of that nature? If the price is even set yet, if you're at liberty to speak, right? If not, then go online…[4:34]

George: You must have read that in my eyes. The pricing is not set yet. We expect a small 10 percent, 15 percent uptick to the existing HMX pricing, for those who are familiar with that, but we're getting this information out to folks ASAP if they have projects being built right now, we can give good enough guidelines to budget for it and we'll back it up.

PostProduction.Com: Yeah, it's awesome. Every time I ask that question, see the eyes either dilate or widen or something. 4:54

George: It's due to mind-melt.

PostProduction.Com: Pretty much. George, thanks so much for your time. Really really appreciate it. [5:00]

George: Much appreciated.

PostProduction.Com: Definitely looking forward to seeing this thing out in the market and seeing how it makes life easier, faster, better for all of you guys out there in the trenches. Enjoy the rest of the show. [5:09]

George: Thanks so much. Appreciate you stopping in.

PostProduction.Com: Yup, you got it. [5:11]

George: Bye.

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