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NAMM Apogee | Ensemble

Apogee talks about Ensemble and how it helps the pro user who is a musician, composer or in post production.

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Shaun: Really incredible all-in-one interface for musicians, composers post work. We’re really proud of it. The reviews have been stellar. What’s the #1 thing that you hear feedback wise in those reviews that you’re hearing?

This is Noland at, and we’re here with Shaun with Apogee, and we’re here right now.

Shaun: Indeed. How are you, Noland? I’m doing great. How about yourself?

Shaun: Good, very good. Thank you. So first of all, we see you’ve got 18 tech awards and lots of stuff going on here. What are you guys showing here at NAMM?

Shaun: 18 tech awards, yes. Thank you for recognizing that. It’s our 30th year, too. So yeah, that’s an important highlight for us. We’ve been at this for 30 years, digital audio interfaces, converters and mike preamps. This is one of our newer offerings. It’s called Ensemble. It’s a Thunderbolt Audio Interface, extremely low latency, 1.1 milliseconds of latency, which is amazing performance even for Thunderbolt which is the best you can do in terms of connection to the computer.

It has some interesting features, guitar reamping functionality on the front. So it’s great for musicians who want to track guitar and experiment with their sound. They can send that sound back out and reamp it. There’s eight mic preamps in the unit which doubles the number of preamps from the previous generation of Ensemble. We have two of these full color OLEDs on the front making it really easy to adjust everything on the unit from the input selection to your gain, to your output.

There’s a monitor control section as well, so you can have multiple speaker sets and control them from the front panel, A, B your mixes, two unique headphone outputs on the front panel, too. It’s a really incredible all-in-one interface for musicians, composers, post work. We’re really proud of it. The reviews have been stellar. What’s the #1 thing that you hear feedback wise in those reviews that you’re hearing?

Shaun: Great question. I think people are really liking the usability of it. Front panel’s really easy to use, really well laid out. So as they’re making changes, the inputs or outputs or speaker selection, it’s all very accessible. I think that’s a big deal. The audio quality is the second best converter we’ve made. Symphony is our flagship unit, but this specs extremely well, very high performance unit for an all-in-one converter.

I’d say those are the top two. People are very intrigued by the guitar reamping as well. It’s a lot of fun to experiment with amps and sounds. Is there a sweet spot user for this?

Shaun: I think it’s the video user who is a pro who wants the best, who wants everything in one box and is working with logic or Pro Tools on a Mac. It’s a Mac-only interface. We do that because we can really refine the connection. Our Thunderbolt driver is very high performance. Actually, it performs so well that it takes some of the load off the CPU, so the computer can do its thing with plug-ins.

That latency is so low that you can rely on your computer to do your plug-in processing, which is really big for the home studio market and composers that need that power for their plug-ins, virtual instruments, processing, things like that. No problem, it’s super dry out there all day. So in regards to the home studio, like the composer, this may be a good fit for them and then maybe Symphony is something that somebody who’s doing like a post house might be using or –

Shaun: Right. It’s more focused on conversion and multi channel. You can put 32 channels of I/O in one Symphony. So for Pro Tool systems where they need a lot of I/O, Symphony is a great choice; it has a direct Pro Tools HD connection. So there’re different markets, different animals, but there’s a lot of crossover. So where could people go to find out more information about this offering and Symphony and maybe other stuff that you have?

Shaun: Please come to our website You’ll find everything there. We have great specialists online that can take your questions through our Ask Apogee service. Yeah, we’ll be really happy to be in touch with you and tell you more about it. Is this available now?

Shaun: It is, yeah. We shipped in November of 2014, and it’s $2495.00 I’m sorry, what was that?

Shaun: $2495.00 is the price. Shaun, thanks so much for letting us stop by, and enjoy the rest of the show. It’s been great.

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