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Sony | Catalyst Edit and Catalyst Prepare

Sony talks about how their new Creative Software products help prepare for the post production session with ingestation, organization, preliminary editing, trimming and color correction and how that speeds up working with RAW, 4K and high-end formats in their NLE product.

PostProduction.Com: This is Noland with PostProduction.Com. We're here at NAB Show 2015. We're at the Sony "campus" -- of all the booths, this one is enormous! Had to get a zip code here to find you guys. Awesome.

We have Michael here. Here's going to tell us a little bit about something that they have announced at this show, is that right?

Michael Bryant: Absolutely. We have several new things going on in our little area of the booth, the Creative Software area. Starting back over my shoulder we have the Catalyst products, so we have the brand new announcement is Catalyst Edit which will be released in May and the Catalyst Prepare 2.0 which will also be released in May.

As their names would imply, Catalyst Prepare is all about preparing your media for that online, post-production session. So helping you ingest, helping you organize, helping you do some preliminary editing, trimming, color correction, so forth. Channel assignments for your audio to move that into post.

Catalyst Edit as this name would imply is all about editing. So, it takes advantage of all that pre-production work that you did in Catalyst Prepare and when you get in there, we're talking about an NLE. It's a very focused, very fast editing environment and it's built specifically to really be efficiently working with Sony RAW, 4K, all the flavors of XAVC but it also goes beyond Sony. You could drop Canon files on there and GoPro files and so forth.

So that's the big news. We also have Vegas Pro 13 which we released about 6 months ago and in the last, also released an update to that, so that it also now works with all flavors of XAVC, whether it's I, S or longa.

Then in the last kiosk, we're showing off a brand new version of SpectraLayers Pro and new version of Sound Forge Pro for the Mac. So, some of the highlight there, the SpectraLayers Pro UI, the user interface, has been redesigned so the tools are much more accessible, the interface to get to those frequencies of interest to manipulate, to adjust, whatever, much much easier to do. Then Sound Forge has got some new features. Probably the hottest one is you can now create and author and burn a red book standard audio CD, right out of the application, get that off to replication.

So, the cool thing about these apps is Sound Forge and SpectraLayer work together and you can pass file back and forth between those apps very easily which gives you the best of both waveform editing and spectral editing in this like powerhouse duo of auto-application. So, no matter whether you're working on video or audio, we've got tools to help you with your production.

And if you can't make it by the booth, you can always get to our website which is and you download free trials, you can read extensive details about features that I was talking about or features we didn't get to in this interview.

So we invite everybody to stop by the website, download a free trial version and try it out. It doesn't matter if you're working on Mac or if you're working on PC, the Catalyst products are dual-platform, Sound Forge, SpectraLayers are dual-platform. So fire them up and kick the tires.

PostProduction.Com: Wow. You answered pretty much all my questions. But we have one for you. Is there a sweet spot customer that would really be a good fit for this or is it just like from ground level up to the top?

Michael: Yeah. Certainly anybody involved in any kind of media production could use these tools, but because we're paying particular attention to working with RAW, working with 4K, working with those high-end file formats, one thing I've failed to mention is with the Catalyst tools, the cameras that are now shooting in wide color gamma and high dynamic range. We work with those files and preserve that information so what you are building in your camera is moving into the software to take advantage of it.

On the side of the audio tools, again a hobbyist could use them but we find the power of the spectral editing is popular with the forensics crowd, as you can imagine. People doing restoration, people doing sound design because you can do all kinds of crazy creative things with your audio using those two tools together.

So those are some the crowds we're going after to find value in our products.

PostProduction.Com: Michael, thanks so much for your time. Really appreciate this overview and check out the website for more details on all that and the free trial...

Michael: Trial version.

PostProduction.Com: Trial version. Exactly.

Michael: We'll get that eventually.

PostProduction.Com: One way or another.

Michael: Yeah. We're halfway through the show.

PostProduction.Com: Just about. And all out of energy.

Michael: Yes. Really. Well, thanks for stopping by and giving us this opportunity.

PostProduction.Com: Thank you too, Michael. Appreciate it. Thank you very much. Have a great day.

Michael: Alright.

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