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Zeevee | HD Distributions and the Zyper

ZeeVee shows us how you can take any source and send them to many Tvs with their HD Distributions solution as well as how to move 4K video from one point to another at extreme speeds with their Zyper product.

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PostProduction.Com: This is Noland with PostProduction.Com. We're here at the JB&A Pre-NAB 2015 event and we're at the ZeeVee booth with Alex. Alex, what are you guys showing here?

Alexander Vincent: Thanks a lot Noland for coming. My name is Alex Vincent. I'm with ZeeVee and welcome to NAB 2015 JB&A event. We are ZeeVee and of course we are known for HD distributions, so basically we can take any source and send them to many TVs. That's what we're known for.

Our claim to fame is our HD modulators over standard Coax RG6 and RG59. Basically you can take any source, whether it's HD, HD SDI, Standard Definition, VGA component composite, it doesn't matter. You hand me any signal, I'll take it, I'll modulate it, I'll send it over coaxial cable, it'll land on your TV, you can assign it any channel you want.

So basically, you can assign it a channel, you'd give it a number, you'd give it a title, and you can do that all within the graphical user interface that's built into the box. That's only a few things it can do but since we have limited time, I'm going to move on to our next product which is, my baby, the ZyPer.

Now, what the ZyPer does...

Alex: It's hyper UHD velocity. Basically it moves 4K video from one point to another at extreme speeds.

PostProduction.Com: OK so before you get into it, I'm a producer, we've just shot 4K here, I'm going upstairs to mix this, cut it, or whatnot. I want to blast it out. That's what you're talking about here?

Alex: I'm talking about showing it from Point A to Point B in zip speed. So let's say you have four different 4K sources in one location, and you have 10 displays out there in the building, all you would need would be 4 senders and 10 receivers on the TV side, and you can move any of those sources at any of those locations, or one to many if you want.

PostProduction.Com: So is this like closed-circuit or is this outside of that?

Alex: The way it works is over 10 GB data network switch. So, basically, over here we have a data network switch, and it works on 10 GB fibre, so it's not Cat 5. So basically, SFP ports to LC fiber. Once you have your data network switch in place, the ZyPer is gonna be your go-to guy.

These are the senders and receivers as well so you feed your sources into the sender, the network switch will be your center point of switching, and here we go. Here's an example of one source going to four different TVs. As you can see, there's no latency at all in the switch. You can create a video wall within the software. The software's run from a PC based computer.

PostProduction.Com: And Alex is in this plane right there, just so you know.

Alex: That's right. Hyper velocity UHD ZyPer4K. Thank you guys.

PostProduction.Com: Thank you very much for your time, Alex. Appreciate it. Enjoy the rest of the show.

Alex: Thank you Noland.

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